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The story of Tondu Wesley Church

Jeffrey Jones,  £5.00 (including postage)

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1. The Early History of the Church 

Laying the Stone; The Opening of the Building; The Stained Glass Window; The Life of the Chapel and Community.


2. Ministers 

List of Ministers in Bridgend Circuit; List of Ministers in Tondu; Ministers During the 1950s; Local Preachers; A Local Man Ordained to the Ministry; Exchange Ministers; Tondu Manse and its Residents.

3. The Musical Life of the Chapel 

The Organ; Congregation, Choir and Organists.

4. A Tondu Miscellany 

The Brogdens and the Question of Fox Hunting; Aberkenfig Wesley Methodist Chapel; A Tondu Teapot; Tondu Brickworks; The Great Western Railway in Tondu; Parc Terrace; The Mystery of the Chapel Centenary; A Pastor, a Shepherd and a Poet; ‘On Tondu Mountain’; Renovations and Renewal; Work in the 1970s; Work in the 1990s; The Church Today.

5. Remembering Tondu and District 

People and Events; The Christmas Bazaar; From the Past to the Future.

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